Kriya Kelana – Sikka, Maumere

It’s been a week since we embarked on our journey to eastern Indonesia, delving into the fascinating world of ikat weaving in Sikka, Maumere. The deep history, myths, and profound meanings behind this traditional craft are inseparable from the breathtaking natural beauty and loving community. The soul infused into their work is the key to […]

Nomade x

Kriya Kelana is an initiative movement initiated by and Nomade Leatherworks with the aim of uniting hands and culture to advance sustainable craftsmanship in Indonesia and globally. Kriya Kelana aims to create global awareness of Indonesia’s cultural richness through strong collaborations among craft enthusiasts, artists, and cultural observers. Through journeys and knowledge exchanges, Kriya […]

Leather Cat Collar, Nomadé x Medividi

Medividi. A brand that continues its journey alongside the year when Nomade began to establish itself as a serious brand. We know very well how Medividi struggled to reach the point where it is now. Fida, or whom we usually call Ce’u, the owner of Medividi, is a manifestation of a tough woman with strong […]