Leather Cat Collar, Nomadé x Medividi

Medividi. A brand that continues its journey alongside the year when Nomade began to establish itself as a serious brand. We know very well how Medividi struggled to reach the point where it is now. Fida, or whom we usually call Ce’u, the owner of Medividi, is a manifestation of a tough woman with strong principles – respect!

Long before Nomade Lab was developed as it is now, Medividi had been a pioneer of the movement we have today. In our first year, we collaborated with Medividi on a small project. We released a leather cat collar with a customizable tag made of polished brass, which we launched guerrilla-style and it was sold successfully, though not in large quantities. But behind all that, we are grateful for what we have built with the realization that we must move together to go further.

This time, the leather cat collar has undergone a revolution in line with the development of both brands. Using Horween leather USA, the leather cat collar is ready to be presented to our friends out there!

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