Kriya Kelana – Sikka, Maumere

It’s been a week since we embarked on our journey to eastern Indonesia, delving into the fascinating world of ikat weaving in Sikka, Maumere. The deep history, myths, and profound meanings behind this traditional craft are inseparable from the breathtaking natural beauty and loving community. The soul infused into their work is the key to creating masterpieces worthy of being called cultural artifacts.

Understanding that nothing is truly pure in culture, aligning the context of space and time with wisdom and belief forms the essence of Nusantara’s ideas and works. The Kriya Kelana journey aims to enhance awareness of the importance of fostering collaborative spirit in our every endeavor. Walking and learning from communities that have passed down their artistic heritage for decades, even centuries.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of all our friends, the next Kriya Kelana journey will proceed dynamically and warmly welcomes those who wish to learn and explore together. You can now follow Kriya Kelana’s journey on @kriyakelana.

This journey to Maumere marks the pilot project of Kriya Kelana in collaboration with and @nomade.leatherworks. This time, we bring along several programs such as expeditions, research, community development, product development, and exhibitions (Amen). Let’s learn where to go! Explore and uncover the wonders of Nusantara’s creations together.

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