About Nomade

nomade is a small creative studio located in Bandung, Indonesia, which focuses on developing designs and crafts from leather and non-leather materials based on the principles of art, design and craft. nomade presents different and special products with the best quality through the hands of young people who are creative and high-spirited.

The Team

People Behind the Brand

Raushan Fekri
Raushan Fekri


Founder | Owner | Designer | Craftmen

M. Farissurrasul
M. Farissurrasul


Co-Founder | Owner | Designer | Craftmen

Khairul Ilmi
Khairul Ilmi


Owner | Investor | marketing Strategist

Krisna Julian
Krisna Julian


Illustrator | Content Creator

Naufal Raihansy
Naufal Raihansy


Designer | Crafmen


Why Buy Our Products?

By purchasing these handmade goods from Nomade, you

understand the nature of handmade goods as containing slight

variations due to the maker being human. As they say, it is the

subtle imperfections of handmade that make it perfect.

By purchasing Our leather goods you are also stating that you

understand that leather is an organic material, and therefore can

show scars or other marks of the animal's life. These marks and

variations are what make leather a beautiful medium as every mark

tells a story and gives your leather product a unique identifying

mark. What you are buying here are heritage goods. By heritage goods

, we are referring to heirlooms that will be cherished for a lifetime.

These are things that are built to be bought once. They're built with the

heart and soul of the craftsman who applied his skill and knowledge

to bring you this heritage good, just as it has been done throughout the history of the world.

The Brand

nomade brings you a unique and different design. because we know

everyone has their own characteristics. therefore we are very happy

if you ask us to make a custom product for you. behind that we also

provide some references for you in the form of ready stock products

that we design and make ourselves.

"A little different, better than a little better"

There are more than 16 thousand islands in Indonesia, and the

craftsmen are spread all over Indonesia. we were born from reliable

hands, fertile nature, and a strong culture. Most Indonesians don't just

make products and then sell them. we create this work with joy and

faith so that the products we produce are worthy of being

called heirlooms. Not only for business, our hands make for

happiness. and nomade, wants to echo to the world that Indonesia

deserves to be a producer of high-value products.